Summertime in Seattle

For the last week and a half, I’ve been living out of Gretta the Jetta with Sara and Georgia. The three best friends that anyone could have driving through the numerous National Parks of Utah, the great forests of Central Oregon and finally through to wonderful city of Seattle, complete with that wonderful summertime sunshine. We hiked through Devil’s Garden in Arches, the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Angel’s Landing in Zion, the blue pools of Bend Oregon, Powell’s books in Portland and Capital Hill in Seattle. The West at its best.

It’s funny to think that I’ve only known Sara for less than a year and Georgia for less than two weeks. Over late-night campfire contemplations about the stars, mornings filled with loopy laughter and banana sandwiches, and dance breakdowns through lonesome Idaho farmlands, we’ve bonded something special. I guess that’s life on the road. When showers are only available every 4 days and you spend most of the day within an enclosed moving box, you really get to know each other. I was nervous at the start that I might be intruding on their long-anticipated adventure, but they’ve welcomed me with open arms and I’m extremely grateful for it. Good people.

Last night I got to introduce them to the wonderful world of Pomona College while we ventured the sounds of the city on Capital Hill. A bunch of 2014 grads just finished the classic post-grad roadtrip up the west coast on the way to Sasquatch and they arrived in Seattle on the same day. Walking down the stairs of ChaChas, I was spotted by them with an eruption of great cheers and smiles and bear hugs and love. That love that builds over 3 years of everyday interaction, Dale Bros beer at The Boot, brawls on the beer league field, sparkles in Lowry. I had that goofy, cheesin grin on my face all night, arms around my homies, worlds colliding together again. It was awesome. So awesome in fact that I bought a Sasquatch ticket this morning and will spend the next 4 days camping, dancing and singing with all of em. WABOP!














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